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Build the great wall of immunization together

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On the afternoon of May 8, at the health service center of Muyun street, our employees were queuing up for the new crown vaccination.

Registration, vaccination and observation procedures were meticulous, and the scene was in good order.

According to the general requirements of the new crown lung virus vaccination program in Hunan and Changsha, our company has responded positively and attached great importance to it. The company's administrative departments have organized and coordinated the relevant safeguards to ensure the steady progress of the target population inoculation and ensure that COVID-19's prevention work is standardized and orderly, so as to protect the health of employees.

Through strengthening publicity and scientific guidance, we should strengthen the publicity and education on the effectiveness, necessity and safety of vaccination, and strive to make sure that all employees with physical conditions are able to "receive as much as possible". On the day of vaccination, the company organized the staff to go together, provided logistics support services, and arranged the vaccination time in batches to ensure that there was no mistake in vaccination and work. After the first vaccination, we will do a good job in the follow-up service, remind and organize the second vaccination on time to ensure the normal progress of each vaccination.

Vaccination is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen, and it is an important barrier to protect people's health and safety. With the orderly development of Xinguan vaccination, the company will continue to strengthen publicity and scientific guidance, and organize, arrange and vaccinate all employees in batches. The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccination work has been promoted in an all-round way, so that the staff members have effectively enhanced their awareness of the new crown pneumonia pneumonia virus and their immune level, and have made their own efforts to build up a nationwide epidemic prevention barrier for the community.