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Spring breeze brings warmth

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Hugo once said: "life is a flower, and love is nectar." where the flower of love is developed, life will flourish. However, the weather is unpredictable and people are in danger. One of our colleagues is facing the critical situation of his parents. Tao Hui's father, an employee of the production department, was diagnosed with rectal cancer on March 9, 2021. The operation has cost more than 80000 yuan, and a large amount of nursing fee is needed in the later stage; However, it never rains but it pours. Her mother suffered from cerebral thrombosis in the early morning of March 23. She was admitted to the eighth hospital of Changsha City for interventional embolectomy and stent implantation. After that, she was admitted to the intensive care unit. It has now cost nearly 100000 yuan. For later care, it also needs a large amount of medical expenses, which is a huge burden and problem for an ordinary family.

Since joining the company in 2012, Tao Hui has been diligent and conscientious in her work, which has won the recognition of her colleagues and leaders. Now her parents are ill. As her colleagues, we are deeply sorry. The disease is merciless and there is love in the world. The company has issued a public welfare fund to Tao Hui. In addition, the general affairs department has launched a charity fund-raising activity of "sending warmth in the spring breeze and walking with love", which has received a positive response from all the staff of the company. In only half a day, each love has passed on to each other, trickling into the sea; All the staff contributed 10500 yuan of love, which is the cohesion of our love and care. The charitable donations from the public welfare fund and the staff were sent to Tao Hui by the head of the general affairs department at the first time to help his family overcome the difficulties.

We are in line with the spirit of unity, fraternity and mutual assistance, and use practical actions to convey the truth. We believe that Lei Lixing's cause will have a more brilliant tomorrow with the joint efforts of the loving Lei Lixing!