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The company regularly carries out lightning detection system training

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Recently, our company has carried out systematic training on lightning protection detection. The main contents of the training include construction quality supervision of lightning protection devices of new buildings, completion detection and regular safety performance detection of lightning protection devices.

At the meeting, through watching the lecture video, we summarized the details that we need to pay attention to in the work, such as: when testing the on-going surge protector, we must make sure that it is in the power-off state, and it is better to take it out and test it away from the power supply. We should do a good job in the supervision and acceptance of lightning protection projects, and publicize the spirit of laws, regulations and policy documents.

Lightning detection work has ushered in a new era, as lightning detection staff, its work is related to the safety of national property and the safety of thousands of families, must strive to improve their professional ability and professional quality. All staff of the company need to have a deep understanding of the current situation of lightning protection detection, and actively explore and summarize the problems existing in lightning protection detection. Testing is not only for testing, but also for the safety of more lives and property. What we need to do is to adapt to these changes as soon as possible, increase the strength of talent construction, standardize the market system, promote market development, and make lightning protection testing work better benefit the people.