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Youth track, you and I go together

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Youth track, you and I are in the same company

When winter comes to spring, everything is revived. The mild sunshine in March awakened the spring color of the city, Yang Liuyi, and the peach blossom was burning. In this light wind and rain, spring is full of the season, ushered in the first quarter of the company's birthday party. In order to reflect the company's care and to make the employees feel the warmth of their families, all the staff of the company held a birthday party for their colleagues who celebrated their first quarter birthday together on this day, and gave them full blessing after work. The first quarter of the birthday stars are: Fan Yan, Linna, yumengjun, tenghongfang, zhouchengyun, yangjinfang, jiangweijun, pengshuanghui, Wang Min, zhangmifen, Lijuan, Liu Yong, pan Jingbing, Liudan. Let's wish "Happy Birthday" together

Spring is recovery, growth and movement. So this birthday party, we also added some competition items, let everyone and youth on the same track, with you and me. Although the participants are only birthday people, but we also enjoy it.

The longevity stars completed the projection. After the hoop race, the score was very close. In this way, they entered the final round of darts competition. It's really a small mistake. We may lose the chance to compete for the first place.

At the last moment, Yang JinFang, who ranked third in points, achieved 47 points in the last round of darts competition and won the first place in the darts competition, with total points + 3 points. Finally, with the advantage of one point more than the second place in the total points, Yang JinFang became the first place in the sports competition of the birthday party and won a bonus of the birthday party. Not to the end, everything is expected, just like this competition.

The end of the game means the end of the birthday party. The good time is always short, but the memory in the heart is eternal. Birthday is a special day for everyone. On this special day, we also give our employees a blessing, a love and a warm home. Also on this day, I promise to have a better life in the future.

"Youth track, you and I go together", carry forward the sail of unity and struggle, and create a more brilliant tomorrow for Lei Lixing.