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Lei Lixing's "2021 power generation efficiency improvement and quality assu

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On March 18, the company provided a platform for employees to show themselves, exchange experience and improve their operation skills. With "the fastest speed and the best quality" as the goal, the production department launched a skill competition. Through the competition, we can form a work upsurge of "comparing, learning, catching up, helping and Surpassing", and stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for work and study.

In this activity, the judges composed of general manager Peng of the production department and vice minister Yi Wen, all the members of the power supply group and other groups of the production department, assessed the "18mm shield pressure sensitive assembly", and set up one, two and three members, from the quality: 1. Pressure sensitive, large and small plugs are assembled in place; 2; 2. There is a distance between the big plug welding piece and the plug core, but it does not exceed the low temperature pin; 3. There is no obvious gap between the welding piece and the low temperature pin, which does not affect the welding; 4. The normal temperature pin has no upwarping, and has no gap with the small plug piece, which does not affect the welding; 5. There is no damaged pressure sensitive plug, core or big or small plug with obvious problems; Speed: the number is 3 boxes (198), with 1 hour as the time node, to complete the bonus points ahead of time, otherwise, to deduct points for assessment in many aspects. From everyone's flowing operation in the competition, we can see that the contestants are all Lei Lixing who are proficient in business skills, and finally the top three are expelled from the corner, and Mr. Peng awarded them the prize.

After the game, the leader commented: the quality of the whole inspection are qualified, to be affirmed, the quality standard has been unified. Some of the new partners who join Lei Lixing do not have standard actions and waste actions. The core of our company is to work with both hands to ensure that they devote themselves to product production, ensure quality and improve efficiency.

After the competition, through the video, the leader commented on each employee's operation method, hand speed status, material placement standard, etc., analyzed every detail action and benchmarking video of the employee, helped the employee improve the operation ability, and required the same action standard in the follow-up production process, so as to achieve quality-oriented and efficiency first!