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After sales service commitment of lightning protection products

In order to better protect the interests of users, all the products of our company implement the national joint guarantee after-sales service, five-year warranty under normal use, lifelong maintenance. The details are as follows:

1. In case of quality problems, you can choose to return, replace or repair the products within one month after they are sold.

2. Maintenance time: within 4 days (excluding transportation time).

3. When the product breaks down, please do not disassemble the machine for repair without permission. The product should be kept intact to obtain normal maintenance service.

4. When the product is damaged by man-made impact and irresistible factors, the cost of the device shall be charged properly during the warranty period.

5. Please keep the after-sales service commitment card properly and show it when providing after-sales service. If the serial number of the product is lost, the product will not be covered by the warranty. Our company will charge according to the actual situation.

6. When you encounter problems in the process of using, you are welcome to call our company at 400-8761-400, and technical personnel will provide you with technical services.

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