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  • Lei Lixing's "2021 power generation efficiency improvement and quality assu

    On March 18, the company provided a platform for employees to show themselves, exchange experience and improve their operation skills. With "the fastest speed and the best quality" as the goal, the production department launched a skill competition. Through the competition, we can form a work upsurg...
  • Youth track, you and I go together

    Youth track, you and I go together
  • Spring breeze brings warmth

  • The company regularly carries out lightning detection system training

  • Build the great wall of immunization together

    On the afternoon of May 8, at the health service center of Muyun street, our employees were queuing up for the new crown vaccination.
  • The general manager of the company attended the meeting of group 2 of Xinning ch

    On the afternoon of May 16, caojianchun, general manager of leilibang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of Changsha participated in the meeting of the second group of members of Changsha Xinning chamber of Commerce. The meeting was successfully held by Hunan future environmental equipment Co., Ltd. wi...